I, Dr. Tobias Deatherage, welcome you to Anthropawmorphic.

As an occult biochemist, my research focuses on understanding the virus that causes what we widely call [werewolves], Lunar-cyclical Virus (LCV). I deploy this term hesitantly because we so easily forget their humanity and have so quickly jumped to violent methods of controlling that which we do not understand.

My eventual hope, a digression from the Deatherage vocation, is to allow people living with this virus to live long and fulfilling lives as opposed to existing in the shadows and margins of society. Currently, I have found ways of constraining the virus, but no methods of disintegrating it from the host. Unfortunately, my studies have shown that methods of destroying the virus so far also destroy the host in often painful ways.

As I press on, I hope to research ways of treating LCV, allowing people to live fulfilling and healthful lives, while also finding creative ways of addressing the stigma associated with those living with LCV.

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